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Engine problem
2000 Saturn L300 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 116000 miles

Last October at 111000 miles I had a water pump and the timing belt replaced. Now in December at 116000 miles the engined stopped while driving. The mechanic said the timing belt was loose and interfered with the valve or piston and I need at least a new head and maybe after he rips it apart a new engine. This is the same mechanic that replaced the timing belt previously. He said it happens and is most likely not related to his work the first time. The original warranty is 12 months or 12000 miles of which neither has passed. He is claiming he is not responsible. Is the problem related to the original replacement and what is my recourse? Thanks.
I spoke to the mechanic today and he said the timing belt/chain is not what failed but that the tension pulley bearing failed. Should this have been checked when the original repair was done? What are the chances that the pulley bearing would fail two months after the original repair and not be caused by that repair? When the original repair was done is there a need to adjust or do anything to the tension pulley that may cause it to fail soon after the repair? Thanks.

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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008 AT 9:51 PM

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