2006 Saturn Ion



April, 3, 2010 AT 8:21 PM

Shakes or Wobbles problem
2006 Saturn Ion Two Wheel Drive Automatic 88000 miles

yester day I filled up my gas tank with regular unleaded gas at one station then I drove my friend around and they gave me enough money to get a gallon and a half at diffrent gas station the rest of that day it drove fine. Today when I went to start it it wouldnt start then my mom tried about an ahour later now its starts but the check engine light came on plus it shakes really bad while idling. If I put it in drive or reverse but stay still it shakes even harder. I put dry gass in it hoping it was just water in the fuel. When I actually drove it, it barely accelerate and I couldnt get it over 30 or 35mpg. Going up a hill it made it to about 20mpg. When I step on the gas petal even if its all the way to the floor it feels as if the car just isnt getting any gas, the tachometer reads fine do I know the engine isnt going to fast for what it can handle because its only reading between 2 or 3 rpm. What could be happening?


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