SAAB 900 SE turbo 1996 turbo issue

  • 1996 SAAB

1996 Saab 900 se Turbo automatic 2.0l 150k miles. The car had a bag muffler and it starded stalling after 50mph. I had my Minikee mechanic change the muffler and do a tunned up. Now the car stalls at 30mph which according to the mechanic is the turbo not kicking in. The turbo charge light gets up to orange and instead of the car accelerating it just acts up and does not gain speed. Could this be a catalytic converter problem? I checked online for a 'Turbo' to get an idea of how much it would cost if I needed to replace it but found no specific part under Turbo; my mechanic thinks the turnbo is not working and needs replacement. Is that what I should be looking into as part of the lack of aceleration problem which is now worse after a new muffler and tune up ($960 later) and now a possible new turbo? Thanks Guys you are the Best!

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Monday, November 19th, 2007 AT 11:40 AM

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