1997 SAAB 900 SE hopefully just battery dead.

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I bought a 1997 Saab 900 SE 3 weeks or so ago. I was informed that the car has been sitting in the driveway for a year before I got it. When I took it for a test drive, I parked and opened the trunk and the doors to see everything. No more than 10-15 minutes later, I tried to start the car and it didn't start. I jumped it and it was ok. I am guessing that, since the car hasn't been used for a year, the battery is dead and won't hold much of a charge. After we jumped it, it was ok. I bought it and took it on a 500 mile trip right away. No problems. Today I bought one of those adapters for the tape players which allows me to hook it up to a portable CD player. I messed around with the stereo for about 15 minutes, maybe 20, and then the music stopped and some lights went out. I tried to start the car and it wouldn't. It acted the same way as during my test drive. My worry is that it makes this clicking sound when I try to start it and I am paranoid that it may be a problem with the starter. However, I could hear the same clicking sound during the test drive, and after we jumped it, it was ok. Does anyone here have the same problem? Do you guys think that the clicking sound is something ordinary, since the engine is trying to start but it just doesn't have the charge it needs? I will be buying a new battery tomorrow and hope that it works. I am guessing that a year of idleness will make a battery less likely to hold a charge, and maybe even kill it. Any help will be appreciated.

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Sunday, August 26th, 2007 AT 9:35 PM

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