• 1985 HONDA CIVIC
The car is either an 85 or 87 I'm not sure which one. I am thinking about purchasing the car and have little to no experience with car maintenance and repairs. The civic needs exhaust work, new rotors, and new wheel bearings. I was wondering how much of the work I'd be able to do myself and a rough estimate of how much it will cost total. Thanks for any help you can give.
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Honda exhaust parts are very expensive. Even back in the late '80s the front braided flex pipe cost over $500.00 and it was a common failure item. Doing your own exhaust work is a judgement call. It depends on what is needed and your skill level. Once the car is up on a hoist most parts take very little time to replace so labor cost is low. What you save by doing the work yourself might be lost in skinned knuckles, rust and scale in your eyes, rounded-off rusty nuts and bolts, and you may end up with a leak.

Brake rotors are simple to replace but as part of a total brake job there are a pile of things professionals do and don't do that do-it-yourselfers aren't aware of. Some result in annoyances like noises and some result in shortened part life. There's a real lot more to a brake job than slapping on a few new parts.

The wheel bearings are pressed in. After removing a giant snap ring you will need a bearing pulling tool to get the old one out and to press the new one in. That job takes about an hour on older Chrysler products that still used that design. Hondas take longer. You may be able to borrow that tool set from an auto parts store too but you have to know how to use it. You also may need an air cutoff tool and a hammer and chisel to remove the bearing race from the hub. If you're doing this job in your driveway, plan on half a day per bearing.
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