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I have a 2001 Renault Clio 1.9 tdi (85000). 4 weeks ago the cam belt broke. On advice from local dealership a new cylinder head was installed, including full cam kit (belt, timing chain etc). The repair was great accept the car now had no power (0 to 60 now 20 seconds instead of 12 !). Garage had car back to check and after 2 weeks of investigation, including replacing airvalves and rechecking all timings etc, have finally returned it saying that all is now ok. Except it isn't. The acceleration is still not there (still close to 20 seconds 0-60) and the car will not run above 80 mph.
The garage insists that they have checked everything and all is in proper working order but I am sure that they are missing something. Any ideas please.

Monday, July 16th, 2007 AT 4:32 AM

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The fault sounds like you may be losing compression. Have the head rechecked !

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Tuesday, March 17th, 2009 AT 10:39 AM

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