1993 Nissan Altima



May, 11, 2013 AT 9:24 AM

I have no trouble codes, also I ran the A/T diagnostic and no trouble codes appeared. I checked the throttle body, cleaned the MAF, replaced O2 sensor. Looked for any vacuum leaks. And found none. I have to back in to my driveway until I figure out this perplexing issue. Engine is recently tuned and smogged. It runs great and gets 31 MPG.

2 Answers



May, 11, 2013 AT 10:44 AM

, I am not sure of your response. The car is backed into the driveway every evening due to this issue.



May, 11, 2013 AT 3:26 PM

Check that the idle up for the A/c is not over adjusted, many imported cars turn on the A/C in reverse as a method of circulating the refregrant so seals do not dry out, check to see if the engine races with the A/C on in drive in idle, worth a look.

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