2007 Proton Satria Neo clutch

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Transmission problem
2007 Proton Satria Neo 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual

i bought this vehicle in 2007 brand new and never had a problem ever since it has been serviced regulary by the dealership and is a on motor plan and a warranty. Last mont my gear selection sotpped and I took my vehicle to the dealership for a check and diagnose the problem I was told my clutch was gone however the clutch was replaced and the kilometers at the time was 177000. After 3 weeks last week I experienced the same problem no gear selection I had the vehicle towed bach to the same dealer who did the clutch repplacement as it was a come back job to them. They called me a day later to tell me they have stripped the gearbox and the clutch is gone again. Their reason for this was user damage or user abuse. I can pure say that I do not abuse my car nor do I ride the clutch. I had the vehicle towed to another dealer and they checked the so called replaced clutch and have advised me that the clutch that was replace 3 weeks ago does not look like new clutch. Now my question is can a new clutch go after 3 weeks and how would it be possible to check if the clutch was new clucth that the dealer put it, because I have done some investigation and found out that alot of customers have complained about this dealership and if be the case they charged me for a second clutch I would like to take this matter further

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Friday, May 14th, 2010 AT 5:52 AM

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