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Hi all, I own a 1999 2.7 Porsche Boxster with 67,000 miles on the clock which has been fine for three years until recently. Basically, I visited a friend and parked my car up. When I went to go home I pressed my central locking key thob. Nothing happened, so I continued to open the door with the actual key, I put my key in the ignition and turned the key and nothing happened (all the dash lights were on as normal but the the starter motor didnt turn at all not a sound as though it was dead, as though the conection had failed. I changed the battery just in case tried again and it was exactly the same. I then started to test other items, everything worked fine apart from central locking and alarm, windows, roof, heated window and the obvious fault the car didnt start when turning the key. So I spoke to a local porsche dealer to try and get some feedback before I start spending money, I asked him is it he battery on the key etc all the basics a novice mechanic would ask and subsequently described the problem with the car. He siad theres a box under the passenger seat which when it gets wet malfunctions and all the above are conected (central locking, windows etc) I checked under the seat and low and behold a puddle had formed, I frantically dried that out, took the little black box out (is this a relay?) And dried out. Replaced the box and the windows started working with the roof and heated screen, but the central locking didnt and the car still didnt start. I'm presuming this is because of the water damage and somthing has shorted out. I supose my question is or the feedback I need is what is that box? Can it be replaced? If I do need to replace, do I need to change my locks and key? Is there any other thing it code be eg a relay switch? How are much these boxes are, is Its as simple as taking that little box out and replacing it? Any other points of feedback would be greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance Paul

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2007 AT 2:54 PM

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