1989 Pontiac Sunbird 89 Sunbird Stalling at Low RPMs


Engine Performance problem
1989 Pontiac Sunbird 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 70,000 miles

Hey there,

I have an 89 Pontiac Sunbird, 70k miles and for the last few months it has been acting up fairly regularly. The actual problem is simple, the thing stalls. Runs great under throttle. But when I come to a stop, and have the brake down the rpms slowly get rougher.

The motor will idle and then once in a while give a shudder, almost like its starving for gas or something.(I'm not great with cars so take that for what its worth)

After a while of sitting there with the brake down. It will stall. Most frequently happens when I am at a drive thru window or in a parking lot for a long time.

My dad and I took it to a local dealership last week and after having it a day, test driving it 3 times, they gave it back. Said they couldn't replicate the problem and charged $83 for it. Haha, I wasn't too thrilled.

A little about the car's history:

-Had head gasket replaced 2 yrs ago
-New alternator 1 year ago
-Another new alternator when this stalling issue started (I told the shop thats what I thought it was. They replaced the other one for free, but the problem is not fixed)

Sorry if I am a bit long winded on this, just want to give as much info as I can to be helpful. If anyone can shed some light on what it might be that would be tremendous!


Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, March 31st, 2008 AT 10:06 PM

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