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  • 1997 PONTIAC

I bought a remanufactured 4T60E transmission from a place in Florida. I had the transmission replaced by my mechanic and drove the van for about 300 miles if that. On the way back from my last trip with it the check engine light came on. I noticed no difference in handling during the last 20 miles of the trip. I parked it and drove it about two days later. As soon as I drove out of the parking lot it seemed to run rough, it made a whirring noise. I figured, at first, that it could be a gas problem and went to the gas station (about a mile away) and filled up. It stopped moving about a mile out. No movement forward or back. My mechanic came to pick it up and drained the oil and used a fine paper strainer (not sure what mils) He showed me some pastey grey film and some coffee ground ( maybe smaller) chips. He says the tranny is Kaput (I live in Germany with the Army by the way) and I would prob need to just replace it again. He also says it seems the transmission I bought is actually not reman but fixed on the outside nothing else. Did I just waste about 3g's for nothing, or can this be a simple problem. It runs a little while its cold then stops by the way. Also I was told it could be the pump pressure or the drive axle. Is this a possible answer?

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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007 AT 12:48 PM

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