Need help with our 2001 Pontiac Sunfine (2.2) (automatic)

  • 2001 PONTIAC

We bought our car in Jan '02 and only had a few minor problems with it, it was sitting in storage most '03-'04 because my husband was overseas since then if it isnt one thing its another. Since late '05 we have put a lot of km on it we had less then 60,000km going into '05 now we have over 128,000km on it. Lately we were having problems with it idling way too low a friend of ours fixed that for us today but about 30mins later out TC light came on and 20mins after that our engine light came on. The engine jerks violently when we switch from D to N and N to R and when we hit 40, 60, and 80km/hrs, when we got home we also noticed one of the hoses was actually caught on the fan the silver insulation on it is ripped to shreds and so is the hose (its not quite all the way through the hose but still chewed up). We have no idea what is wrong with it or if its even worth fixing since everytime we go out something else seems to go on it (I just spend almost $1000 on repairs last month). It also sound like a bird constantly. And I do mean like a bird it sings just like my mom's! They also overfilled it with oil none of the gaskets/seals have started to leak yet (they just did this last week)
so we dont even know if thats some of our problem, or even if its because since the beginning of the gas shortage here some stations have been watering down their gas (the shop we go to has said they have seen at least 12 cars with damage because of this). The fuel hasnt got any better since the shortage ended, if we fill up in the GTA we go through a tank of gas in less then a day but if we fill up outside the GTA we can go 3-4days without having to fill up (with doing it this way we are also driving it a heck of a lot more and still getting better milage!). We want a new(er) car anyways. What is most likely wrong with this one? Is it worth fixing or should we just trade it in and get something that isnt costing us an arm and a leg in repairs?

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Sunday, April 8th, 2007 AT 11:54 PM

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