Key is stuck in the ignition


I have a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am SE with about 130,800 miles on it. When I got it I noticed at times the key would be hard to get out when I put it in park and go to turn ingine off and take key out. I would shift it back to reverse then back to park and usually it would then come all the way out. The engine does go off but it wont go all the way down to where I can remove the key. Just the other day it definately would not come out! I jiggled it, shifted gears while putting on the break, restarted it and then tried again, turned the wheel, but it isnt coming out and now here it is like 5 days later and it is still in there. We disconnected the battery so it wouldnt go dead since some of the inside lights on the dash stay on and the headlights stay on. Also I noticed the Auto Theft light is on in the dash. My boyfriend and his friend took the gear shifter apart and looked at it and it is fine, it all lines up and everything. We have been told there is some sort of switch in the dash somewhere that can help let the key come out but I dont understand where exactly it is located. If you can give me any tips for my boyfriend to try without having to take it somewhere to spend money on it having it fixed, please let me know! I have already sunk in over $2,000 fixing the heads and everything on it, I would hate to have to put in more money. Thanks. Ashley

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Thursday, August 24th, 2006 AT 4:58 PM

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