2002 Pontiac



September, 7, 2006 AT 3:53 PM

I have a 2002 Grand Prix. Since March 2006, I have put over $2300 into my car not including payments and regular maintenance like oil changes, etc. I have had the following repairs/maintenance made in the past 6 months:

Head Gasket Replacement
New brakes (including rotors)
Transmission flush
Replace blower/resistor in my Air Conditioning/Heating system
Replace the entire motor in my passenger side front window. The regulator broke, but they said it was all done in one piece, so they had to replace the entire motor.
Replace a bad battery that I had for only one year.

I am fed up and just want to trade in my car as a new one with a higher payment will be less than I've spent over the past 6 months. I was hoping to go this weekend, but now a new problem has popped up and I am afraid I am going to get docked severely on the value of my car and won't get a good deal. The brake light is coming on in my car when I hit the gas pedal and goes off again when I hit the brakes. The emergency brake is NOT on, and this cycle continues the entire time I am driving. I don't know what to do considering I just had my brakes completely re-done in May and I just want to get rid of this car already. I have been religious with maintenance and oil changes and feel I've taken the best care of this car as I know how. I bought it brand new, it was the first car I ever bought and now I feel like I am on the losing side of this any way I look at it. Please help! I am hoping this is just a fuse?



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