Fuel pump vs Alarm module


I was out and about, and stopped at the gas station, when I got back in to leave, my van would not start.
I cranked but would not start (just put gas in so it was not out of gas). I had a friend mechanic tell me it was a probable fuel pump. I towed to the shop, the next day they said it was the fuel pump, they replaced that, then they called saying they needed all keys to reprogram them, then the tell me it is also the anti theft module that is bad. When the car was at the gas station, our friend sprayed something directly into the engine, and it started right up until he stopped spraying.

I do not have an alarm on the car, I just want to know if the anti theft module could have been a problem also, instead, or happened after it went to the shop.

2002 Pontiac Montana Van 110,000 miles v6

Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, July 2nd, 2007 AT 11:08 AM

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