1999 Pontiac Montana Stalling and Jerking

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1999 Pontiac Montana 6 cyl Automatic 169000 miles

This has been happening for a few months now and it has gotten worst. We will start the car and sometimes it will be good and drive good then other times start it and it falls dead but you cut it off and cut it right back on its fine( sometimes we have to start it over like 2 or 3 times) then sometimes we start and then put in reverse falls dead but will start back up. Then there's times where we are driving at slow speeds (always slow speeds) and it will fall dead not always though mostly when in rev. And start up or take off. Then sometimes we can be driving and the car starts jerking sometimes soft jerks other times really hard jerks. Or pulling off from lights and then you feel like its going to cut off but it just takes a lil while to get back going. Computer isnt giving any answers either it says nothing is showing up wrong. Oh yeah and when the car shuts off the oil light comes on but we have had oil changes already. It happens every time it cuts off. The battery and another light comes on but only the oil light stays on until start back up. Really frustrated and have spent a lot of money already trying to fix the problem but still nothing. Could it be the crankshaft position censor I was told could be the problem now. In desperate need of help and answers! Thanks!

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Tuesday, January 26th, 2010 AT 6:40 PM

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