'95 Pontiac Grand Prix Speedo Flutter & No Start.


My mother in law has a '95 Pontiac Grand Prix. Yesterday she was driving it near her house. As she approached her house at about 20mph the speedo began to rise well above the actual speed. She pulled in the driveway and the speedo began to 'flutter'. She shut the car off and turned it back on. The speedo began to flutter again. Now, when you turn the car on, the dashlights all work fine, the speedo does NOT flutter, but the car won't start. It clicks as if the power is too low to engage the solenoid, or the solenoid is toast. I'd think it was just the starter aside from that strange speedo behavior. We're going to try and jump the car this evening. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Thursday, June 29th, 2006 AT 7:05 PM

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