2000 Pontiac Grand Prix Promblems, problems, & more pro

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 186,000 MILES
Hello there,
Ok, First of all, a few days ago the "Trac-off" light as well as the "ABS" light would come on whenever I hit a small pot hole or speed bump. But whenever I shut the car off and restart it the light would not be on that is until I hit a small bump or pot hole. Ok, I can deal with that. But, shortly thereafter, while driving the car home after a rough days work I noticed that the speedometer and the RPM meter were both moving erraticly while I was at a red light. I was sitting still at the red light and the speedometer was moving bettween 40 and 50 mph, and the RPM meter was shooting up to the 4's and 5's but the engine continued to idle normaly. Then everything stoped and all went back to normal. That is until tomorrow came. The problem with the speedometer and the RPM meter starts to slowly worsen. On my lunch break I usally like to sit in my car and eat my lunch while listening to the radio and running the Air Conditioning, while doing this a couple of days ago I notice that the speedometer and the RPM meter both moved erraticly the entire time I was running the engine on lunch. I also noticed that the odometer was moving I guess because the speedometer was at a constant 45 MPH while the transmission was in park. Anyways the next day I made it back to work, the speedometer and the RPM meter still moving erraticly the whole way. Ok, on lunch break I wanted to go to the store to get me somthing to eat but, on the way out my job's parking lot the car fell dead twice. So being the savy guy I am, I did not want to get out there on the road and have to get towed. So I backed that baby into a parking spot at the job and before I could get in there good the car fell dead again! This time for good. When I tried to start the car back up it just spunt over and over. Not wanting to drain the battery just spinning it over I jumped out of the car and called my popz, he is a mechanic and owns a "Tow Dollie" so I had him tow it to his shop for further inspection. After pulling off the fuel filter then cutting on the ignition we noticed that no fuel was being pumped from the gas tank. So automaticly we think that the fuel pump was out and after 186,000 miles that would not be hard to beleive. After spending $273.00 on the fuel pump assembly and installing it we poured gas back into the tank and turned it over and had the same result as before we looked at each other in disgust, both thinking where do we go from here. I wanted to know if the old fuel pump we took worked so I hooked up the ground and the hot wire of the old fuel pump to a battery and the remaining gas in the old fuel pump went everwhere. It was working so we shot almost $300 bucks on, well, lets say "not the soulution". So I go under the hood and pull the fuse and the relay for the fuel pump, the fuse was still good so I put it back in. The relay on the other hand I didn't have a way to test, so I ran a wire from one connector to the other (the connectors where the fuel pump relay goes) its a five prong relay but you only need to connect two points complete the circuit. Anyways without the relay inserted, I connected the hot wire to the two points that power up the fuel pump. The newly installed fuel pump kicked on but when we turned over the ingnition the car still would not start. I do not know where to go from here. It has to be somthing electrical because the engine (when it did run) ran fine. Please help. Thanks in advance.
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Saturday, May 30th, 2009 AT 8:44 PM

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I think you have 3 different problems.

The abs/trac off light is probably a speed sensor going bad on one of the front wheel bearing/hub units. Sometimes a roar or play in one of the wheel bearings may also be present when this happens, but not always. A hand held diagnostic computer can be used to monitor the sensors and detect wheich one is dropping out.

The no-start problem can be better explained here:

The instrument cluster itself is probably bad.

Start by going after the no start and ignore the other two problems. Check the basics as outlined in the link, I can provide diagrams if needed. Check fuel pressure to make sure it is in spec and check for spark.
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Sunday, May 31st, 2009 AT 6:05 AM

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