2000 Pontiac Grand Prix



January, 14, 2010 AT 8:44 PM

Computer problem
2000 Pontiac Grand Prix 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 145000 miles

I am getting code P0141 from my car which is apparently the Oxygen Sensor (from what I read on the net). From what I read it looks like it is Bank 1, Sensor 2.I think this means that it is the O2 sensor after/behind the catalytic convertor. Can anyone confirm this?

My husband does not seem to think we should replace this as it is costly and the car runs pretty good (except on the highway, where it " surges" and hesitates intermittently). I disagree because we have a small child and I do not want to risk being stranded alongside the highway or doing further damage to the vehicle. Does anyone know how " important" it is to fix the O2 sensor?

Before I go ahead and replace this part is there anything else we should check (i.E. Fuse.I would have no idea which fuse it is)

THANK YOU for any help you can give : )


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January, 14, 2010 AT 9:27 PM

Well. For the atmosphere and your wallet, it's pretty important. As far as performance and driveabililty for the car, it is not necessarily needed. It certainly won't cause your car to break down on the side of the road. It will simply cause you to have poor fuel mileage (worse than normal anyway) and some emissions will escape the car to the atmosphere that is harmful to the ozone. Oh and that annoying " check engine" light will stay on ; ) If you don't have the money at the moment then you can just wait until better days, not a major concern.

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