Sorry it's a 95 Grand Am that starts and dies


Okay the car died like one year ago. I thought it might be the fuel pump but it was not so I was stumped until I fuond your web site, by reading other questions I was able to iso late it to the ignition switch. So I replaced that the spark plugs, fuel filter, coils, and I think the ignition control module? The black box under the coil housing. Once we replaced the ignition switch it fired ran like a champ. I drove all the remaining fuel out over the next week filled it with fresh gas and parked it until I could renew the tags the day after I renewed the tags I went to drive it and it started and died started and died it will run if I floor it but it revs up and bogs down, revs up and bogs down if I hold the pedal half way it sounds like it idals at the right rpm with no problems but if I give it more it revs ands bogs if I give it less it dies. Every where I have gone has told me they can not scan the 95 pon grand am and when I refer to the chiltons it has a notice about the 95 grand am and trying to scan it. I hope I have given you einough info this time sorry I gave you the wrong year last time. It has no anti thief on it.

Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, June 13th, 2006 AT 1:57 AM

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