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June, 16, 2007 AT 8:10 PM

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Pontiac Grand Am 2003, 2.2 L4 Eco Tec, SE 4door, Automatic, Front Wheel Drive, 60,000 miles.

Question: About 4 months ago I put on a FlowMaster 40 Series Muffler, replacing the (OEM Muffler).

After 2 months the Engine check light came on. I check and it was the P0141 code - Oxygen Sensor Bank 1 (front). I clear the code with the scan tool (Actron CP9125). Came back on again.

The car got so that it would not start after being driven, or would cut-off when I got to a light. Clear the code again, and it would start after about 10-20 times of trying to start it. It would again run until I turned it off, or cutoff when I stop at a light, or while I'm driving down the road.

Last week I replace the Oxygen Sensor in the front (not the one under the car). Bosch OEM replacement part.

Same problem still there. The code P0141 is still there. Clear the code and she will start after 10-20 trys. Repeats over and over.

Please help, my nerves are killing me to burn the car. Yet, I know I caused the problem, I just want to repair the problem and move on with life. Help!

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June, 18, 2007 AT 7:20 AM

According to my software a P0141 is a HO2S Heater Performance Sensor 2. Try replacing the " downstream" o2 sensor

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