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Pontiac Grand AM 2000 89k miles 3.1v6

I recently had a tuneup that served as a tunedown: spark plugs + wires, fuel filter, pcv valve all replaced. It started running a little rough during breaking and idle. In addition, there was a faint fuel (oil?) Smell which entered through the passenger ventilation after idling for a while.

So I took it back. It had a code 301 - misfiring cylinder 1. The diagnostics reported an occasional (< 1%) misfire on some of the other cylinders, but there were no other codes. The repair shop replaced the plugs and wires. The faulty cylinder 1 seemed fixed but the rare misfires were still there.

But I have noticed that the fuel smell is still present. What is the most likely cause?

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006 AT 10:05 PM

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Was the performance problem there prior to the tune up?

Why did you do a tune up?

Was this
Saturday, December 23rd, 2006 AT 10:42 PM

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