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April, 29, 2007 AT 2:39 PM

1999 Grand Am SE, 70000 miles, V6 Engine. Over two weeks ago there was a flood near my house and the car got water in it. The water was up over the tires but not the hood. We got the car out of the water within 30 minutes. Recently I took it on a trip (about 300 total) and it ran fine but the next day I noticed it idling high (1500 rpm) and it began to accelerate on its own. I have to ride the brakes to control the speed and when I put it in park the idle surges to 2250 and gets higher the longer it stays in park. I took it to 2 mechanics and the second said it may be the computer is messed up but I have to take it to a dealer to get fixed. Are there any other possibilities and how much would it cost to replace/fix the computer?


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Service Writer

April, 29, 2007 AT 2:50 PM

You need to find the codes in the computer for starters. As the engine is getting hotter it may be opening up a vacuum leak wider. The shop you had it at gave up too easy.

You don't need the dealer unless you want to go there. Often times you'' get better diagnosis from independents. IF you need help finding one, let me know what city you're in.



April, 29, 2007 AT 3:07 PM

The exact words from the guy I talked to was " the computer is messed up and its probably because of water damage" I just found the receipt from the place and it says the rean a diagnostic test and the PCM was bad and it was probably damaged from the water. I don't doubt their ability but I find it odd that it would malfunction nearly 2 weeks after being in water. Also where is the PCM located because I'm not sure the water went high enough to damage it.

I'm located in Saint Albans, WV (outside of Charleston)


Service Writer

April, 29, 2007 AT 3:58 PM

Ed's Chevron

Engine & Transmission Express

Rt. 21 Truck & Auto;search_where=city&search_for=charleston&search_radius=5&area=usa&spc=West+Virginia

I have found that the shops that belong to the IATN network are generally more savvy. I don't know any of these shops, but believe they have an edge on most others.

Call and talk to them, make an appointment with the one that sounds best to you.

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