GT: 64,700 MILES

1999 Pontiac Grand Am



January, 2, 2007 AT 8:49 PM

Just bought this car three days ago. Oil was clean, didn't check the coolant, but was told it was full. Yesterday the coolant light came on. Put a little mixture in(mostly water), and the light is back on today. I checked underneath for an active leak (no dripping detected) and bought some new antifreeze (max protection). I will fill up with 50/50 mix. I will check the oil again, too. If all looks good, what could be the culprit? Loose hose or new pump needed? I have a warranty with deductible, but hate to pay into it three days after purchase!

1 Answer


Service Writer

January, 2, 2007 AT 8:52 PM

Probably a coolant level sensor located in the coolant reservior. You are not losing coolant?

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