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My car is a 1996 6 cyl. Plymouth Grand Voyager with about 165k miles on it.

My brakes are about to go completely out. I'm not sure if they are the front or back ones. Besides grinding, and squealing and the lack of pressure I feel when I step on the brakes, there is also a funny smell coming from the carriage when I have my heater on. A mixture of gasoline, and burning rubber smell. At any rate, a friend of mine told me the 2 things were related and I had to get new brakes ASAP. How much does it generally cost to have all new brakes/rotors etc. I want to know the worst possible case, so I can save up the moola. I dont have a lot of money, and it might take time, and yet I can't go without driving my car very long. Last time I got a complete set of new brakes and rotors it cost me about $1,200.00 and that was a few years ago. I'd like to have a heads up about what I am getting myself into. And is it better to take the car to my regular mechanic or a Brake retailer? Is it true the smell I smell is related to the brakes?

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Thursday, February 8th, 2007 AT 8:52 PM

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I think your problems are different, gasoline and brakes dont mix, and if you smell it with the heat on its coming from the engine bay, you may have a small fuel leak, please get that checked, and you do have a brake problem lack of pressure? Is the pedal mushy and going to the floor?


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Saturday, February 17th, 2007 AT 1:25 AM

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