1997 Plymouth Voyager



March, 13, 2007 AT 10:23 PM

My 1997 voyager has 150,000 miles on it with a 3.3 engine. My problem is the two coolant fans won't come on even when I turn on the a/c. When I connect direct power from the battery they work. They tell me that it's the rad. Coolant relay located behind the drivers side headlight, so I replaced it and the problem is still there. Auto zone says there are several things that tell those fans to come on.
need your help. John

1 Answer



April, 2, 2007 AT 4:19 PM

The coolant temp sensor should tell the radiator fan when to run. With the a/c fan the PCM tells this when to run. The a/c fan should run as soon as you turn a/c on! Does the a/c run without the fan starting?

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