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May or may not be related:

Approximately 3 weeks ago the Voyager nearly ran out of gas. Since that time the engine has been " sputtering" at low speeds including idle. Used fuel system cleaner fluid and a full tank of high octane gas. No real improvement in engine performance.

The issue today:

This morning I attempted to start the Voyager and the engine makes a loud " bang" or " knock", the vehicle shakes, and the engine will not turn over. Every time an attempt is made to start the engine the same thing occurs.

1. Make and Model of your car
1995 Plymouth Voyager

2. Current odometer reading

3. Stick Shift or Automatic Transmission

4. 2 or 4 wheel drive
2 wheel drive

5. Strange sounds
mentioned above

6. Fluid leaks
known minor transmission fluid leak, recently had tran fluid flushed

7. Past repair history if applicable
No major repair issues. Oil changes every 3,000 miles.



Tuesday, September 18th, 2007 AT 4:14 PM

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