1995 Plymouth Voyager distriburtor cap

Electrical problem
1995 Plymouth Voyager Two Wheel Drive Automatic 400000 miles


My van has 400 000 km on it and there is all kinds of stuff going wrong, doors falling off, lights won't work ( unless I manually pull in\out the fuse), it wistles when I drive, and other weird things.

My question is, If there is a hole in my distriburtor cap and I can see electricity coming out, would this cause my van to not run while it was wet outside?

Also I was driving down the road and all of a sudden the van would not accelerate and it started jerking a lot. Finally it stalled. It will turn over but will not move, any suggestions?. New car maybe lol
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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 AT 2:31 AM

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Now hold the phone! "If there is a hole in my distriburtor cap and I can see electricity coming out, would this cause my van to not run while it was wet outside?" If I cut my arm off, could that be why I'm bleeding to death?

What you should be asking is how in the world can my engine run at all when there's a hole in the distributor cap? You have an engine that is making every effort to keep going. It's amazing it runs at all, and absolutely rain water will affect it.

If it still doesn't start after replacing the cap, suspect dirt got inside and coated the optical pickup assembly. There are actually two optical sensors in the unit but they are under a cover. Not sure if water can get under that cover.

I assume by "not move" you mean it won't run, not that it runs but the transmission doesn't engage.

As for the lights, are you referring to the interior lights, headlights, dash lights, radio display? Please be specific. There's a fix for interior lights coming on while the doors are closed. I repair a lot of radios for no display. Information would be helpful.

As for the whistle, with no information, from previous experience, I've found buzzing / humming from front wheel bearings, a whine from serpentine belt tensioner pulleys, wind turbulence from the wiper arms, worn bearing in the radiator fan motor, alternator whine in the radio speakers if there's an aftermarket radio installed, or a vacuum leak in the engine or vacuum hoses including the vacuum-operated heating controls in the dash, torn weatherstrip in the doors, a bent door frame on the top, and air in the power steering pump. All of these have fixes.

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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 AT 3:59 AM

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