1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager electrical problem


I have a 1993 Voyager with 180028 miles on it Just a couple of weeks ago my wife had taken me to work and on her way home she got a check gauges light At this time she noticed the volt gauge was not reading anything. Just as she got a block from our home she lost the lights and got a check engine light. When I got home and heard what happened it was more than likely the alternator What fun that was to get out. While taking it out I noticed that the power lead to the unit was melted away along with the stud it mounted to. After installing a new alternator and repairing the power lead. I recharged the battery and it started up, but was running a little rough. About four days later we got a check gage light again. Trying to get information from the dealership was a joke. So I was looking at the book on the vehicle and found the the voltage regulator was part of the engine management control modulator. $163.00 later, but easier to install. The vehicle was running a lot better. Five days have gone by and we got the check gauge light again. Of coarse zero voltage reading. But we drove the vehicle all day with out killing the battery. Note: When shut the vehicle off for a bit and restart it the check gauge light is not on. We have not gotten a check engine light since the first time. What do you think? I am a first time user for this site.

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Thursday, December 28th, 2006 AT 7:57 PM

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