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I have a '98 Plymouth Breeze, the mileage is 89,000, and I think the engine size is 2.4, 4 cylinder. My problem is I had a leak somewhere, under the front passenger side of the car. I guess whatever was leaking, leaked all out. I had my son and Uncle check the car, and they could not determine where the leak was coming from, as all fluid levels were fine. Well now, my son drove the car yesterday, and I mentioned to him that I heard this weird noise again after he parked the car. He lifted up the hood and the coolant in the plastic reservoir was BOILING, and the plastic container was melting. PLEASE HELP! What could be causing this? I am a disabled senior on very little income or else I would gladly make a donation. I am just making ends meet. The car isn't showing that it overheats. PLEASE answer ASAP, and can you also inform me of the costs.
Thank you so much!

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Tuesday, May 8th, 2007 AT 7:21 AM

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I have the 2.0 and mine make the same noise. However mine isn't melting. I believe the nosie is very common in the Breeze

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Thursday, June 14th, 2007 AT 4:15 PM

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