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My 1993 Plymouth Acclaim V-6 had 28,000 miles two/half years ago and a week ago was at 82,000 miles. I since drove it from Maryland to Daytona, FL, a 900 mile trip and it ran great and got 26mpg. It was parked there for three days and then I made an hour trip on the interstate and made a brief stop. Once getting back into it, I drove in local town traffic and once reaching 55mph, it sputtered, losing power, drove to side of road, it idled but was powerless when I stepped on the accerlerator. Shortly it stalled and wouldn't restart.

It sat for an hour till it got towed to a garage. Once unloaded from the rollback, it started right up ! It had an 1/8 tank of gas, but the low fuel light had not yet come on. The mechanic put it on a machine and said that no codes indicated any problems, except one something about cool temp. The car has never been fast to warm up since new.

The mechanic also said that the fuel pressure and fuel pump graphics were good and didn't indicate a definite fuel problem. He said that this was a common issue for this model of Plymouth and suggest a new fuel pump, which with labor was $595.00... And he couldn't guarantee that was the correction.

I decided to "chance" it... Drove 100 ft. And filled the tank, which I use 93 octane all the time. I drove it for another two hours and no problems.

Two days later I started my return trip, and at 615 miles it was nearing 1/4 tank and just as I took the exit, it indicated some sputter and I pulled right into a gas station immediately at the off ramp. I let it idle while I fueled up, which it took 11 gallons to fill. Then I shut it off and took a 15 minute break. Made the last 300 miles back home with NO problems.

I since have looked on line and see that the fuel pump is expensive.. And I also took notice that there is also a fuel pressure regulator that is also expensive but about half the cost of the pump.

I drove to work next day, a 40 miles round trip, and all was okay. This morning to work was okay. Leaving work, I drove two miles and felt lack of power, so I pumped the accerlator, and it seemed to clear up. Went 1 mile and put 8 gallons to fill the tank. I made the 20 mile trip home just now and parked it. It ran fine on the interstate with speeds up to 70mpg and then drove 4 city blocks to my house.

Any suggestions? Could it be the fuel pump, the fuel regulator, fuel filter (where is it) or could that code on the machine about cool temp. (Is it #13?) Mean anything.

I really like this car for driving to work, I acquired it from my deceased parent's estate and would like to keep it... As long as it's not going to bankrupt me for this repair.

Bob and Ken, please help !

PS - discovered your website and enjoyed my first reading and decided to write.

Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006 AT 6:51 PM

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