Automatic Transmission in Reverse Gear


Make: Plymouth
Model: Acclaim
Year: 1994
Mileage: 46K miles

My car has a problem with reverse gear, forward works fine. When put in reverse the car won't move for a few seconds. The transmission does sound like it has been put in (reverse) gear eventhough the car won't move. Then when the car decides to move, you'd hear a "clunk" sound. This happens less frequently when the engine is hot after a long drive. However, before backing up, if I put the transmission in neutral, rev the engine up just a little, then shift the transmission into reverse gear, then the car would back up immediately. And this ALWAYS works! I changed (and flushed) the transmission fluid (and refilled with the correct type) and filter about 6 months ago when this problem did not exist yet. I didnot adjust the band though. Eventhough I can get by for now with this workaround (neutral-rev engine-shift) I'd still like to fix this problem if I can get some insight from you.



Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, July 31st, 2006 AT 9:43 AM

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