1997 Opel



January, 13, 2009 AT 4:34 AM

1997 Other Opel Models 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 130000 miles

My problem is big. In 2005 I bulit in LNG to my car. Since then problems all around.
The ironic thing is when I'm in neutral and rewup the engine on LNG it's almost immediate but the same is not with petrol. The rews go up after a second or so with a choke sound before it. However the worst thing is on the move. Driving 50 mph in 4th gear it is impossible to over take. On full gas on LNG the engine strugling sometimes as long as 2-3 seconds while with petrol in this situation is better.
The air, oil and fuel filters are replaced and its the same. Spark plugs are old, but don't think that it matters much. The oxygen sensor is original replaced in 2006 and has about 10000 miles now.
And recently I have white smoke, lots of it, as the engine is warmer its bigger and lampblack on the exhaust. And yes Im loosing oil


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Dave H

March, 25, 2009 AT 9:46 PM

Have a compression test carried out on the vehicle !

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