Please tell me my husband is wrong on this one


My husband is working on my olds intrigue. He says it has the 3.8 V6. It has at least 180000 miles on it. He put a timing chain on it but when he went to start it it only turned about twice then stopped. He checked the battery then starter and all that finally he took out a spark plug and it had antifreeze on it, so he took all the rest out then when he went to crank it over antifreeze sprayed out of at least 3 of the spark plug holes. He says he thinks that there was damage to the heads when the timing chain broke. I think that at most we are going to need head gaskets. Do the heads have to be cracked to get antifreeze in the cylinders or am I right about it could be a gasket : please answer back before he goes and buys a whole engine :D

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have the same problem?
Tuesday, November 7th, 2006 AT 12:09 PM

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