1999 Other Oldsmobile Models wont crank over

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Electrical problem
1999 Other Oldsmobile Models 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 140000 miles

i have a 99 old intrigue that was rolled(tipped) over about 7 months ago. Since then the key would not turn in the ignition. We tryed everthing to get the key to turn and nothing would work. So we took out the ignition and replaced it. Now the key turns but he car wont crank over. We tryed leaving the key in the run position for at least 30 minutes to reset the computer for the new ignition and still no cranking. All the dash lights light up, but when turning the car to start it wont turn the motor over. Is there any kind of security thing that if the car tips over it wont start? Or what else could it possibly be? I really dont want to bring it in and pay alot of money for them to tell me something simple. Think you could help me out?

Do you
have the same problem?
Friday, September 19th, 2008 AT 7:52 AM

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