1994 Other Oldsmobile Models Camshaft Sensor? Or what? Ol


Engine Performance problem
1994 Other Oldsmobile Models 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 257000 miles

This is my first post to this site - I hope to find some answers as I know there are MANY knowledgable people out there with the same issues as me! I have a 1994 Olds 88 Royale - with 257,000 miles on it! I am the second owner (have owned it since 98,000 miles in 1998. Make a long story short - I having problems with misfires when engine is cold, as soon as it runs for a few blocks and warms up, it runs fine after that. It does this even in summer weather - I ran fault codes on it this spring - camshaft sensor came up - changed that - mis fires have continued ever since. Have been noticing loss of power while in cruise control while going up hills - will lose 10 mph off cruise easily - if I step on gas, I can keep the speed consistent. I have also noticed "hesitation" when starting engine lately, thought maybe my alternator was starting to get tired. I went to work, went out an hour later and it wouldn't fire. It would turn over but would only cough and sputter with no fire. Left it till later and checked for spark - I have spark, no fire tho. Can hear fuel pump turn on. Towed it home and here I am. Took ign module to be checked at Advance - it came back good two times. Is it possible to jump time? Does it make sense that it is the crankshaft sensor? This car has been good to me - I want to keep it going. Do I need to pull that harmonic balancer to change the crankshaft sensor? I just replaced that harmonic balancer 2 months ago

Any help here would be great!


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Thursday, September 25th, 2008 AT 9:25 PM

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