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Engine Performance problem
1989 Other Oldsmobile Models V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I have a b1989 olds cutlass ciera International with a 3.3l vin N engine. It is a coupe and has overdrive. Apparently these are hard to find, and 1/2 the time when I try 2 get a part, they have to checdk w/ manager to see if its available. Now, heres the deal-my car acts like it runs outta gas will not give a diagnostic code. If I unhook something then it will give a code and the correct one. Clear it n start her up and same thing. Its like right when it starts warming up it just shuts off in idle only like 3 minuets top.I f I put it in drive and give it a tiny bit of gas it just dies. No sputter, just doone. It will start up0 RIGHT away, and either shut off again 1-2 sec at idle or when in gear n gas pedAL. Changeed-fuel filter and pump, fuel pressure regulator, oil/fuel pressure switch, coolant temp sensor, and the brain. STILL no code! I really need some help please!I am in a very rural part ofWashinhgton state and I am and have been stuck i8nable to get to work and its been over 1 month.I doint know what else to do, but recheck AGAIN everything for the 1oth time, or just set it on fire for the 4th of July. Jokin bout the fire.

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Friday, July 3rd, 2009 AT 5:49 PM

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