1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass



December, 19, 2008 AT 1:53 PM

1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 87,000 miles

I need to replace the starter on my 1993 cutlass ciera s. It's the 3300 V6 model, and apparently it's difficult to replace the starter. I was wondering if anyone had any experience replacing the starter on these cars and if they have a good way of fixing the problem.




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December, 19, 2008 AT 2:29 PM

Hello - Thomas

If you do need to get back with us please let me know if the 8th digit of your VIN is N as this is what I used and matched what you provided.

It really doesn't look that bad. Not sure where you got the info on that. I have attached the directions.

Service and Repair

Upon removal of starter, note if any shims are used. If shims are used, they should be reinstalled in their original location during installation.
If starter is noisy during cranking, remove one.015 inch double shim or add one.015 inch single shim to the outer bolt. If starter makes a high pitched whine after firing, add.015 inch double shims until noise ceases.
1. Disconnect battery ground cable.
2. Raise and support vehicle.
3. Remove flywheel cover attaching bolts, then the cover.
4. Disconnect all electrical wires from starter.
5. Remove starter motor attaching bolts, then the motor by rotating the solenoid side toward the vehicle.
6. Reverse procedure to install. Torque starter attaching bolts to 32 ft. Lbs. And inspection cover bolts to 89 inch lbs.

Hope this helps.



December, 19, 2008 AT 2:55 PM

The problem isn't so much the installation of the starter. It's the fact that the starter is really hard to get to and I was wondering if anyone had way experience dealing with this issue.

VIN #: 1G3AG55N5P6328961



December, 19, 2008 AT 10:44 PM

Hello -

I myself have changed numerous starters.I even owned a Cutlass Ciera myself. I have found that unless it is a truck most of the items like this are hard to get to. Especially with the way the engines sit sideways now.

The big thing is allow yourself plenty of time and be safe. Of course you already know to disconnect the battery. I have had some that you can not really reach the cable connections until the starter is unbolted and rotated before dropping out.

The directions seem pretty straight forward. Some vehicles are not that way.

I am not sure if I have answered your question. But again, allow yourself plenty of time, get the vehicle a good ways off the ground so you can move around. Make sure it is braced of course.

I hope this helps.

Looks like you may have some recalls on your vehicle. The dealer may fix these for free. Please contact the dealer service department, give them the VIN number of your car and have them check on these to see if they apply to you.

Campaign - Undercured Right Front Brake Hose

Recall - Rear Seat Belt Assembly Anchorage Failure

Recall 95V173000: Seat Belt Anchor Defect

Recall 94V211000: Brake Line Leakage Potential

Recall 93V121000: Brake Hoses Defect

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