1989 Oldsmobile Ciera Replacing a door

  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 122,000 MILES
I need to replace a drivers side door on a olds ciera would a door from a old ciera 88 work? And if so how do I go about removing the door. Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Yes, any ciera from '82 - '89 will fit.

These procedures apply to the front and, where applicable, rear doors of the vehicle. Make sure before you begin that you disconnect the negative battery cable (especially on vehicles with power windows and locks). The window should be in the up position.

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2. Open the door and support it securely.
3. On doors equipped with power operated components, proceed as follows.
A. Remove the door trim panel, insulator pad (if so equipped) and inner panel water deflector.
B. Matchmark and disconnect the wiring harness from all components in door.
C. Remove rubber conduit from door, then remove wire harness from door through conduit access hole.

4. Tape the area around the door pillar and body pillar (below the upper hinge) with cloth backed body tape.

Before performing the following step, cover the door spring with a towel to prevent the spring from flying out and possibly causing personal injury or damaging the car.

5. Insert a long flat-bladed lever underneath the pivot point of the hold-open link and over the top of the spring. The lever should be positioned so as not to apply pressure to the hold-open link. Cover spring with shop cloth, then lift the screwdriver to disengage spring. The spring can also be removed using tool No. J-28625, door hinge spring compressor tool, or equivalent. Proceed as follows:
A. Install the two jaws of the tool over the spring. Put the jaw with the slot slides over the spring at the hold-open link. The jaw with the hole fits over the spring at the bubble on the door hinge pillar.
B. Install the bolt to the jaws of the tool and tighten to compress the spring.
C. Remove the tool and spring from the door hinge assembly. Do not remove the spring from the tool.

6. If replacement of the hinge pin barrel clips are not available, save the clips as follows:
A. Using two small flat-bladed tools, spread each clip just enough to move the clip over the recess, then towards the pointed end of the pin.
B. As the pin is removed, the clip will ride the shank of the pin and fall free.
C. Reinstall the clips onto the pins before installing the door.

7. With the aid of an assistant, to support the door, remove the lower hinge pin using a soft headed hammer and locking type pliers. Your assistant can aid in the removal of the hinge pins by raising, then lowering the rear of the door.
8. Insert a 1 1 / 4 in. X 1 1 / 2 in. Bolt into the upper hole of the lower hinge to maintain the door attachment during the upper hinge pin removal.
9. Remove the upper hinge pin in the same manner as the lower. Remove the screw from the lower hinge, then remove the door from the body.

Before installing the door, replace the hinge pin clips or reuse old clips as explained in the removal procedure.

To install:

10. With the aid of an assistant, position the door, then insert a small bolt into the upper hole of the lower hinge.
11. The upper hinge pin is installed with the pointed end up. The lower hinge pin is installed with the pointed end down. With the door in the full open position, install the upper hinge pin using locking type pliers and a soft-headed hammer. Use a drift punch and hammer to complete the installation.
12. Remove the screw from the lower hinge and install the lower hinge pin. Use of tool No. J-28625, or use an equivalent for installing the hinge spring.

If the spring is installed before installing the upper hinge pin, the hinge bushings may be damaged.

13. If the spring was removed using a flat-bladed lever, then install as follows:
A. Place the spring in tool No. J-28625, or an equivalent.
B. Place the tool and spring in a bench vise.
C. Compress the tool in vise, then install the bolt until the spring is fully compressed.
D. Remove the tool (with compressed spring) from the vise, then install in the proper position in the door upper hinge. The slot in one jaw of the tool fits over the hold-open link. The hole on the other jaw fits over the bubble on the hinge.
E. Remove the bolt from the tool to install the spring.
F. Remove the tool from the door hinge (the tool will fall out in three pieces). Open and close the door to check for the proper operation of the spring.

If tool No. J-28625 or equivalent was used to remove the spring, follow Steps d, e and f to install the spring.

14. Remove the tape from the door and body pillars.
15. On doors with power operated components, install the wire harness to the door through the conduit access hole, then install the rubber conduit to the door.
16. Connect the wiring harness to each component in the door.
17. Install the inner panel water deflector.
18. Install the insulator pad and the door trim panel.
19. Connect the negative battery cable.
20. Reset the clock, radio and any other accessories if required.
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