1993 Oldsmobile Achieva



February, 2, 2010 AT 12:48 PM

Engine Performance problem
1993 Oldsmobile Achieva 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 138000 miles

My car is not doing so good. I'm no car nut, but I can tell it needs service as soon as possible. It all started last night on my way to my moms. It was kinda acting like it wanted to cut off when I come to a complete stop. Not sure if it is the timing, combustion, or what. But now I can hear a low to medium knocking sound coming from the engine. I put a couple quarts of oil in there last night but to no avail.

I'm kinda scared to drive it, because I do not want to get stranded. I noticed that when coming to a complete stop the engine would flutter as if it was about to shut off. The RPM hand would dip below 500 rpms at times while standing still, giving the impression that it might cut off. So I went and grabbed a couple of quarts of oil last night from the auto part store and put them in there, but to no avail. I know the muffler is loud, but I can deal with that, but now I can hear a low to medium knocking sound coming from the engine and I am kinda afraid to drive it, because I don't know what is going on with it. It's been around a year since the timing chain was replaced along with the bearing etc. What could this be stemming from?


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April, 6, 2010 AT 10:44 AM

Does the noise sound like it is coming from the lower part of the engine?

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