1994 Oldsmobile 88 Intermittent engine dying and other ele

  • 1994 OLDSMOBILE 88

Electrical problem
1994 Oldsmobile 88 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 126000 miles

My son's 94 Olds88 has been intermittently dying. It won't restart until it feels like it. It cranks over fine, but not spark from module. It is not blown fuses, as the problem is intermittent without changing fuses. I checked all the interior and exterior fuses and no problems there.
When it dies, other electrical issues start - the following stop working: seats, mirrors, locks, interior dome lite (when doors open), fast key chime. These problems always exist together, and all go away together.

Today, when it quit working, I tried everything, and happened to notice that when I manually turned on the dome light using the "interior" light knob the fast chime came on. The seats and all also started working. The engine worked fine also. I tried turning off the interior light, and the engine died. Lite back on, engine and all work fine.

I suspect faulty wiring back feeding through the light circuit, but where to look?

Is there a "body control module" perhaps? If so, where and how to find?


Just found the following:

"Stalls, no power window, seats, locks, fuel pump. I had same problem with my 94 88. Pull back the carpet on the driver side just under the door trim. You will find a large wiring harness. Taped to the outside of the harness will be a ground splice block. If it is corroded, resplice the wires and your car should start and run, and the windows, locks and seats will be back to life as well. There is another ground block on the passenger side just under the door sill. You might want to check that one too, as there may be corrosion there as well. I had to resplice both on my car and everything is back to normal."

Will try that and let you know. This has been a really difficult situation to find the answer to.

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