2009 Nissan Versa

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2009 Nissan Versa

So I took my car into a local Express Tire (I don't usually take my car to this particular location) and found myself in a dilemma. I dropped my car off for an oil change and its 30,000 mile car maintenance at 5:40. My total came out to $300, which I decided I would put on my GoodYear card and was told it would be done before 7 (closing). I left to run an errand at the store next door, came out after ten minutes and my car was still parked out front. No biggie, my boyfriend picked me up a few minutes later. Only a couple minutes after I was picked up I realized there could be a problem with my GoodYear card (forgot to pay last month's bill in the midst of moving). So I had my boyfriend drop me back off at Express Tire so I could have them just do an oil change, considering my car had only been in the shop for only a few minutes now. I walked in explained I most likely couldn't afford the $300 due to my delinquent payment and said I just want an oil change. The guy (who is the shop manager and as it turns out has helped me and my family many times before at another and my preferred location) gives me a spiel about how they've already got my car "taken apart" for the 30,000 mile maintenance and spends about 15 - 20 minutes trying to get my card to work and contact the appropriate people for me to make my past due payment. I make my payment over the phone and hit another problem, for whatever reason, the card will not cover the entire cost of my car maintenance. Apparently because of the current pending payment they would only cover $120 dollars of the $300 due to the computer system (incredibly ridiculous considering I have a $1,000 limit with a balance of like $200 bucks). Ridiculous. I tell the shop manager there is absolutely no way I can afford the additional $180 out of my pocket until the 1st of February, to which he replies "don't worry about it, we'll figure something out." It's now 6:40, I ask if my car's almost done and he says yes, so I tell my boyfriend to just go home. I might as well wait the last twenty minutes. Big mistake, it's now ten 'til 8 and I'm pissed that I was lied to about the status of my car. He finally comes out, says my car is finished. He charges my card the $120 dollars and says that I can just come back in on the 1st or after with a check for the amount owed. So at this point I'm pissed off over the fact that I probably could have just gotten the oil change, since he lied about the car almost being done when they had apparently just started working on it but I'm feeling somewhat appreciative over the fact that he was cool enough to help me out with my payment situation.

But this is where I feel it gets shady. He prints me out my invoice. On the invoice it says that the work done to my car was ESTIMATED at $300 dollars and that my total was only $120 bucks. I'm confused. Nowhere on the invoice does it state a balance or amount owed. So I ask about it and he says he had to make an invoice that stated I basically paid them IN FULL for what I was told I would be charged, otherwise he'd get in trouble by his boss since the store does not have a petty cash box or store credit line that would cover my balance owed until I could repay them the money. He basically tells me he's going to cover it out of pocket and I flat out ask him so am I making this check out to you or GoodYear. He pauses for a minute and says yeah, I'm going to be making it out to his name since he's supposedly covering it. He finishes his statement with "yeah, either a check under my name or just cash". So basically, he's going to pocket the money! Right? So should I repay what I owe? I feel it was nice of him to "work something out", but I'm positive he's going to just pocket the cash. Especially since I have an invoice that states I paid in full and I NEVER signed anything that stated I had a balance owed. On the other hand I'm pissed that he thinks he's trying to pull a smart one on me.

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Monday, April 19th, 2010 AT 2:43 PM

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