1991 Nissan Stanza Thermostat

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Engine Cooling problem
1991 Nissan Stanza 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive 100000 miles

Dear Sirs:
Engine overheating-replaced radiator & hoses, still overheating. Now, I've spent the last four days trying to replace the thermostat! Know it's suppoased to be easy - NOT - The 4 small bolts that hold on the housing are a bear to get in and then they won't stay in when I put in the 2 large bolts that connect it to the water outlet (not to mention that it is a pain to try and get that part properly aligned so I can put the 2 lg bolts in). I've tried putting the 2 lg bolts in first, even tried 4 longer sm bolts - Nothing's working and I'm so frustrated that I could cry. I know this is supposd to be easy but it's not! PLEASE HELP
Thanks, Kate
PS I wish I could make a donation but with all my
recent expenditures on this darned car - I'm broke-
but next time I will make a donation.

Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, September 3rd, 2009 AT 12:43 PM

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