1988 Nissan Stanza

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1988 Nissan Stanza

Hi, I read a bunch of articles and I found a few very helpful but I'm not sure what to try first. The first insident happened about a week ago, we had driven around for while got out can came back about 15 minutes later and the car wouldn't start, all the dash lights and headlights would come on but it wouldn't start, didn't even sound like it was trying to start. I didn't even thing about it we just left and returned an hour or so later and it flashed right up no problem, the second time we had gone to a movie a day or two ago and started fine when we left but afterward it wouldn't start again, so I checked the connection to the battery everything looked OK, I don't know whatI did but it started right away, so I figured that the connection was just a bit off, so I looked at it closer the next day thought maybe there was some corrosion or something like that right, but it looked fine ater I had finished with that I tryed to start it and nothing, all the lights came on, heater, everything but it wouldn't start. So I tryed tighting the connection although I'm possitive that it was quite tight, and tryed again and it flashed up again. So I have a few ideas on where to go from here, but I thought I would see if you guys had better advice for me! Thanks

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Thursday, April 16th, 2009 AT 5:01 PM

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