2001 Nissan Sentra car stops when driving and P0442 code


Hello everyone!
I have been tryng to find out what is wrong with my car. The check engine light is on and my code is p0422 emission leak or something. What do I do to fix it? Someone told be to look at the oxygen tank sensor2 and that was changed for no reason because the light is still on. I also have a problem with my car stopping on me when I drive it, one good thing is it starts right back up. The car usually shakes before it is about to stop but most of the time just stops with no notice. This problem has occured about 1-2yrs after I got my car (new2001nissan sentra)
but I took it to the dealers to have it checked out and the said nothing was wrong with it and the check engine light was off. Funny thing is a week after that it starts to stop.I don't think anyone has the time to take there car in and out the shop at anytime. So I really didn't pay attention because the problem would come an go example 2weeks problem and then after that it would not appear til 4-5mon later. Now still comes and goes but is more offten and is a pain and dangerous. I have had it stop running on me in the expressway.I have even had a new computer installed into my car and the stoppin still occurs. Also, to add on more crap my horn suddenly stop working. I mean I tryed it from inside by the hood and it does work but when I press on my steering wheel u can't hear anything, so I figure some type of wiring problem?
And I had a radio installed and now my dashboard lights won't turn on. I mean the lights work beacuse we took the radio out and check the lights and the wiring but something is not right I have the obtion of the lights staying on all the time or off all the time off. So I drive with no dashboard light now. Im guessing something to do with the switch not connecting with the light?I know alot of stuff going on head screams get a new car! But no money! Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks

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Wednesday, March 14th, 2007 AT 12:26 PM

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