1993 Nissan Sentra A Clicking Electrical Problem

  • 4 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 330,000 MILES
I had this car for 3 years. I bought it as a lemon but I changed everything to make it a great running car. I always had a problem with the battery light lighting up whenever I would accelerate to merge onto the highway. Then the battery light comes on in city and highway driving. Now recently the parking brake light turns on the same time the battery light turns on. Now they both go on frequently, in city and highway driving. It is really annoying. My daylight headlights also go on and off as the battery and parking brake light go on. But it doesn't effect the headlights when I turn them on. My alternator is new and a recently got it tested and its fine. My battery is brand new and I also tested that and the charge on it is ok. Also when the battery and parking brake go on my relay fuses (by my fuse panel) click every time the lights go on. I even changed them and that didn't help. I bought a new parking brake switch and that didn't work then I disconnected the wire that lights up the parking brake on the dash cluster and the two lights still flash. I even had a diognostics done on the car but the mechanic said he couldn't reset the codes. I think the guy is full of it and didn't want to fix the problem, but thats a different story. I checked the wiring harness under the steering wheel for bad connections and shorted wires but not really that well. I'm going to try and tackle that next when I get some time. Please email me back with some more suggestions. Maybe there is something I never checked out. Thanks.
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Friday, March 21st, 2008 AT 9:20 PM

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This sounds like a low voltage problem in the dash. Check all feeds with a meter to be sure there is 12 volts in the car and at the fuse panels
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Monday, April 14th, 2008 AT 9:59 AM

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