1992 Nissan Sentra



February, 25, 2007 AT 5:49 PM

Having sporadic problems with auto. While driving the car runs fine over a period of time the car would start to sputter and jerk and eventually lose power and stall all the way out. For some time over a couple of months all I would have to do is wait a few hours then restart the car and it would run fine for a couple of weeks and eventually it would do it again, I would wait a few hours and try the car again and it would start and drive. This went on for months. I was driving the car and this time it just died and I had to tow it home, I noticed the fuel pump fuse was blown so I replaced it and it started again and I cut the car off thinking the problem was solved. The next time I tried the car it would not start again and the fuse is still good. I sprayed starter fluid in the breather box and it still would not start. What could it be? It seemed to happen so sporadically and inconsistently it has confounded me!


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February, 26, 2007 AT 3:11 PM

When was the last major tune-up?

This time crank it over while looking for spark at the coil-do u have it?

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