1984 Nissan Sentra My car won't start

1984 Nissan Sentra Engine Size unknown Wheel Drive Type unknown Automatic 130, 00 miles

Well where do I start. It all started like 2 weeks ago my car started acting funny in the way of my automatic seatbelt would be to slow to go on. My automatic windows would be slow to go up and down. When I pressed the breaks to my car the radio would turn real low and when I let go of my brake the music would go back loud. So I went to check my battery and they told me it was my alternator. So my friend takes my alternator out, and when he brings my alternator to the store they tell him that my alternator is fine. So he put it back into my car. He started messing with some of my wires and started tighting up all my wires and nuts. I it drove good for about 2 days, then the same things started happening again. Remind you that I had to pay this guy and he didn't even put a new alternator cause he said it wasn't that. So I go get a new battery because what my car was doing and it worked for about 1 day and then my car shut down on me. Then when I would try to start my car it would make a clicking noise, but won't turn on, and now it won't do anything at all. I just tryed to boost it and when I took out the jump starter cables it turned right off. What can it be someone please help me.
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Thursday, March 6th, 2008 AT 8:55 AM

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Well everything points the alternator, where do you tested?

Sometimes the alternator brushes are so worn that looses the contact against the armature and probably when you get it tested the movement on the handling makes to reestablish the contact making the test "pass".
I would start removing the alternator and make it test again.

Let us know on your findings and good luck!
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Thursday, March 6th, 2008 AT 1:04 PM

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