1998 Nissan Pathfinder



March, 16, 2007 AT 3:32 AM

My wife has a 1998 model, Nissan Pathfinder 3.2 SE, Arabian Gulf spec(as we live in Qatar) with a mileage of only 77,000 Kilometres.
As it was due service, two days ago I gave it to the workshop(not dealer) my boss recommended and which he has used for his Pathfinder for lat 5 years.
Before it went, the kickdown worked fine, the gears changed fine, the only issue was that at between 110~120 km/hr the kickdown seemed to come in and out too often.
When I got it back two days later, the guy tells me the kickdown does not work and I need to take it to the dealer as he can't fix that. All he had done with the transmission was to change the oil and in addition he had to adjust a sticky accelerator cable.
I took it to work - a drive of about 80 clicks each way - and there was no power at all. It was so slow to build up speed - like it was stuck in the higher gear from the start and when it did finally change into top, I could have gone and made a cup of coffee in the time it took to switch gears. I don't have a manual - although I am downloading as I write - so any pointers/assistance would be great. The guy has my Durango for service now and I dread what it will be like when it comes back. Thanks guys


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