94 Nissan Pathfinder 6cyl 3.0 4WD 188k Electrical Schematic


Well, Good afternoon, this is my first post, as I just joined today, but hopefully SOMEONE hears me here! :?

My Pathfinder 3.0, 6 cyl 4 wheel is having fun behaving badly. Hmm..What is the deal? Are ALL 1994's like this? I prefer the Chevy's for trucks and the later models Jeep Cherokee Laredo for SUV's, but this is what I am stuck with till its paid off, (NEVER get desperate when looking for a truck (or car)-EVER) LOL, but what is done, is done and I need to make this work, do or die. I want to get to love my SUV-and at this point, the love is NOT coming from my Truck!

Alot of the electrical does not function. The Cruise Control, Electrical Shocks, Fast wipers setting, The Windshield-wiper pump, (you oughta see me handle myself when it snows!) and the panel of the driver door needs to come off if I want to hook up the speakers in the back-I am not even gonna ASK for help there! Can you say Electrical Nightmare?-even the dang tachometer. (Is NOTHING sacred here?) :x

I sort of have lights, whenever she feels like giving me some. I mean, here is the deal. I HAD lights for about 1 1/2 months AFTER I bought it last October 06. Then the passenger side low beam went out. So then I drove on High Beams till I could get to the parts store. No problem, right? WRONG. Replaced it and lo and behold, it was popping fuses left and right. I am thinking, ok. Common Sense here. "SHORT". ..and don't say with the driver..LOL

Ok, I consider myself to be very mechanically inclined-being a truck girl from the get-go, and anything electrical never bothered me. Well, not much did. This has me stumped and I was wondering if ANYONE has a 1994 Nissan Pathfinder 3.0, 4 wheel, automatic trans, complete Electrical Schematic? I cannot find it anywhere and I don't get paid for 2 more weeks, so where I CAN find it, charges me of course and rightly so. But, I am not particularly interested in any1 telling me I have to wait the 2 weeks (I have no patience for time-can ya tell?)-so can ya save a girl from waiting?

Really, ANYTHING you can send would be a blessing. (If you have a Chilton's or maybe a Dealer's Mechanic book would be soooo great, if you would be as so kind to let me take a peek into the Electrical Schematic). Grateful would not express it enough!

I have been reading the past posts, and I really like the advice given here!

Please reply to BeQuick2Click@msn.com ASAP, and I hope I could help someone else here sometime! '74-'78 Chevy 350 4X4, are my real loves!




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